How to link the Project section to the others
geschrieben von: Stefano D. (IP-Adresse bekannt)
Datum: 08. September 2011 16:00

I would like to know how I can manage the Project section to link to it tasks, files, adressbook, events and appointments. At this time in the Project section i can manage only the function Administration.
Thank you for the help.

Re: How to link the Project section to the others
geschrieben von: Nikolaus Riehm (IP-Adresse bekannt)
Datum: 10. September 2011 20:28

First you have to define at least one project in the administration section of the project manager (in the "Select action" drop-down > "Create new project"). Go on with the suggested project number and the "Default" profile, just type in a distinguish project name. Now there's a project you can link "objects" to (like addresses, tasks, appointments etc.pp) but it's empty right now.

Linking of "objects" to projects is done by the object, not the project. That means: you can define assigned projects inside an address, event, task, and so on. This is done by selecting the corresponding project(s) in the "New event" ("New address", ...) mask under the "Assigned to project" selection drop-down. You can also link existing objects to any existing project by editing the corresponding object inside its respective module.

The project manager now collects all appropriate objects of a project and shows them in one place when you select a project. So this is the place to get an overview about all the tasks, addresses, mails etc. of a project. You can also kick off new objects with the corresponding project already filled in into the "Assigned to"-field by selecting one of the actions of the "Select action" drop-down inside the project manager itself. And you can select a standard working project in the upper drop-down of the Group-e frame (right beside your user name) at any time. Then all your actions are done with this project pre-selected.

Regards and hope it helps, Niko

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