Group-e No more Login
geschrieben von: It Dept (IP-Adresse bekannt)
Datum: 06. Dezember 2010 18:13


We are using group-e from a while, and until now it has worked flawlessly.

After an update of the server where group-e is installed i'm no more able to log in with any user.

Tried to update... no success
Tried to downgrade group-e version ... no success
tried a mix of both things... no success

Now i'm able to log in as config and it tells me that everything is ok but you won't be able to login even with sysadmin.

I have backups of the sql tables and i NEED to fix this.
We use group-e as a shared calendar, so you can understand how problematic this task is.

How can i have my data back ?

Thank You for your support


Re: Group-e No more Login
geschrieben von: grl (IP-Adresse bekannt)
Datum: 07. Dezember 2010 10:38


without any information on your installation it's almost impossible to help.

So, please tell us what OS you use, which flavor of group-e is installed, are there any entries in the logs and so on.

And could you be a little more specific on what "an update of the server where group-e is installed" is meaning?



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